Sunday, February 10, 2013

As an adoring, loving fan recently pointed out, it's been several months since my last blog post. That's because searching for, purchasing, and repairing a home is a complete time suck. I know what you're thinking, Katie Gardner, "Wait 'til you have a kid." Fine, she always wins! But I can tell you nearly every spare moment of the past three months has been spent sanding, priming, painting, choosing tile, picking out furniture, returning crappy Made In Not America products, and making lots of other house decisions. Thanks to my parents for all their help and hard work.

Thank you to the amazing Jamie Lee Dampier for making these gorgeous Anthropologie-inspired curtains. The brown paint is Sandtrap from Sherwin William's.
Glass door knob pull backs!

Before: Green in all the bedrooms, but not even the same green on all the walls. Roller spots on the ceilings and paint drips everywhere. It was awful!
After: Sherwin William's Lemon Meringue and Aquatint. I looooove them! Also new door handles, light fixtures, switches and covers, baseboard, and closet organizers.
On the left, HGTV paint by Sherwin William's. It's the worst paint ever. On the right, an upgrade after showing them how terrible it was. Duration by Sherwin Williams, it's wonderful. My mom did most of the painting, thanks mom!

Two nightstands from Garden Ridge, 50% off! Probably because no one wants purple furniture. But I'm just wacky enough to want blue furniture! After color is Tidal Basin.

Swanstone shower kit in Tahiti Sand. We ordered this shower kit from Home Depot three times. The first time they ordered the wrong kit, but it was completely destroyed and scratched up anyway so we had to return it. The second time they got the kit right, but it was still broken from shipping. Sorry to make you cry, Home Depot employees, but finally the third kit arrived correct and not damaged. Tile work by my dad. He did the floor and tile baseboard, too. Thanks, dad! Check back in another couple of months and maybe you'll see pictures of an awesome garden and deck :)


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It looks wonderful! I especially love the bedspread!

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