Sunday, November 21, 2010

112310 (Jennifer Cecil/The Palm Beach Post) Jupiter — Thanksgiving will be the one year anniversary of the day Jim and Muriel Sitton lost their six-year-old daughter, Makayla. A Thanksgiving Day rampage left four of their family members dead and two more wounded, but no trial date has been set in the death penalty case against Paul Michael Merhige. When asked how he felt about the possibility of their yard being filled with media trucks on the anniversary of their daughter's death, Jim said, "The only thing worse than the media caring about your story is no one caring about your story."

The Sitton's are unbelievably kind, and the love in their family can be felt even to strangers.

Read more about the Makayla and help her family honor her memory. "All proceeds go directly to the Makayla Joy Sitton Foundation and will be donated to music, dance, and literacy scholarships which have been set up in Makayla's name. The Foundation's mission is to provide opportunities for other children to enjoy the arts in the same way Makayla did."


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